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Blues Blast Magazine 7/7/11. With the exception of B. B. King surely Taj Mahal is our greatest living bluesman. The band pays tribute to him with his 1993 classic “Strut”. For my money this is Glen’s best vocal performance his delivery is understated and brilliantly punctuated by Earl’s keys. Cd has a ‘good-time was had by all’ feel, that’s not always easy to replicate in studio…The stand-out track, for me, is “I Smell Trouble” Glen sings the mournful classic with an anguished growl with Brian excelling on an extended guitar solo and tasteful Otis Spann-like piano from Earl sitting nicely in the mix. Earl’s jazz influences at to the fore when he switches to organ for Art Blakely’s instrumental “Moaning”..The combo values musicality over bluster.”

Vicente ‘Harmonica’ Zúmel, Radio PICA 96’6 FM.’La Hora del Blues’ Apartado de Correos 12085. 08080 Barcelona – Spain. “From the  Phoenix Blues scene strong and lively, emerges with this band called Common Ground Blues. With Glen Russell  on vocals, Brian Eddie on guitars, Earl Abbott piano and organ, Timothy E. Kinsey bass, and Guy Mazzo drums. The band is really teamed well, with an effective hard punchy but overall excellent sound. Both guitar and keyboards match well on colorful, very technical work, and both musicians develop bright beautiful solos combined along the Cd, there’s  a good dose of authority and elegance. If we had to define the bands style I would have to say they include many and varied influences, because In their music we can find different nuances.  From Ronnie Earl and Duke Robillard to Tom Waits, Mike Bloomfield.  In short, this band gradually revitalizes and captures us. VERY GOOD!”

First String Promotions.. The first thing that stands about Too Much Talkin’- June, 2011 by Common Ground Blues Band, is its title. One might expect an in-your-face type of grind on Blues tunes with an edge. That could not be farther from what you will find from this independent label. Common Ground Blues comes through without disappointing the listener in terms of performance quality on this project. A CD’s song selections make a big difference, too and the mix is done well. Individual song arrangements and overall selection order takes the listener on a well-routed tour of good Blues. Starting from its throaty organ pieces and carrying through to its sonant whispers, the CD elevates from valleys of Bluesiest imperatives to emotionally exciting peaks of the bouncy, danceable shuffles…. Many Blues bands would agreeably nod, it is somewhat obligatory for Stormy Monday to be amid their repertoire; nevertheless such a standard should have homage paid to its essence, when performed. CG Blues does exactly that with its strongly delivered- yet respectfully not overdone- intro. Lead singer, Glen Russell guides with command vocals, from warm tones to a Bluesy growl… Brian Eddie Marsherella keeps a masterful yet refreshingly not overbearing projection through his lead and rhythm guitar. In fact, the interplay between this CD’s co-producer [produced along with Russell] and the band’s organist/pianist, Earl Abbott meliorates everything, song after song. Bassist, Timothy E. Kinsey and percussionist, Guy Mazzarella, blaze with veracious stride and cadence to impel the band to each overlook….

Written by J. Buzz Fowler is a freelance writer and owner of First String Promotions, an Arizona based firm providing events entertainment, website and social media marketing.


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