The Common Ground Blues Band

Glen Russell

Lead Vocals:

Glen sings from his heart. And anyone that is nearby is pulled into the energy of his performance. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut in ’56. He then he moved to Arizona in 1970’s with his family. He was later awarded a scholarship for  music performance in 1980. And has been performing professionally since 1987. And indeed still strives to keep growing from each and every performance. Through hard work dedication and love, and in a large way, through what he has learned by listening too and playing with the great musicians that have befriended him over the years. Glen has developed into a confident and capable performer with an open heart and an undeniable presence. Music for Glen is a very personal thing. The expression of which since 1998 has been and continues to be, CG Blues.



Brian Eddie, Guitar:

Brian has the feel in his hands, and tone to the bone. CGB fans find both in guitarist Brian Eddie. Growing up in the 60’s, with some many new sounds all around him had a profound effect on CGB’s Brian Eddie. He first began his passion with music in school bands, township drum and bugle corp. and in many young bands in the early years back in New Jersey. Brian has his roots in the greats. His passion for his work evolved out of his love affair with the blues. Always worshipping at the feet of the master bluesman, and jazz Kats alike. Brian Eddie cites blues from the likes of Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard, Mike Bloomfield, and Robben Ford as the core from where he has forged his own sound. These artists are his main source of inspiration. Relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1979 where he meet Glen out on the scene, where the two soon became fast friends. Together they formed Cg Blues.



Timothy Kinsey,  Bass:

The Road Warrior.  A veteran of many bands, and many miles. Timothy Kinsey was Born in Fort Knox Kentucky, He moved to Phoenix as a child. Tim is a solid player, with an offbeat sense of humor. Tim has played for many years and in many styles. Tim has managed to play for fifteen of those years without need of otherwise gainful employment. As a working road musician. From Soul to country and  from  funk to blues.  He can give a song whatever it needs. In a deal for the redemption of his soul he has found CG, Blues.






Earl Abbott

‘The Big Easy”

Abbott, Keyboards:

Earl Abbott was born in Oklahoma and raised in Southern California. He started piano lessons at the tender age of nine. By thirteen, he began playing drums and guitar as well. Rediscovering his true love of piano while still in high school, he learned to play blues and rock licks by ear. While in college he studied music and served as “music director” for productions of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and “Godspell. Also composing and conducting his own original material as well.Later on, after moving to Phoenix, Earl continued to expand his musical horizons. He began private jazz lessons in 2005. And just one year later, he became the pianist for the Puma Jazz Ensemble, for Paradise Valley Community College. (PVCC)  Over the years, Earl has played in many bands, performing a variety of styles, including rock and roll, country, pop, and soul. His influences include Bill Evans, Keith Emerson, Dr. John, Jimmy Smith, and Beethoven, just to name a scant few. Earl joined Common Ground Blues, eager to add his wide ranging experience to their unique sound and love of the Blues.


Guy Mazzo,


Guy Mazzo is now laying down the groove for Cg,Blues.  Guy has performed for the last 30+ years, laying down his solid grooves and signature licks. Guy started drum lessons at the age of 11, and formed his first band by the age of 13. He has played many different venues over those years, including night clubs, Blues festivals, college campuses, outdoor concerts and other events up and down the East Coast before finally moving to Arizona. His major influences include, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Ringo Starr and that they would head the list of the many great artists that have captured his imagination along the way. With many years experience in Blues, R&R, R&B, it’s Guy’s earthy style that helps bring it all together for Common Ground Blues big Blues sound!.



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